Monday, June 24, 2013

When things go poorly, I have a tendency to shut down. This is why I have not updated in… several weeks. I had one week where I suffered a bout of depression-like symptoms. I’m self diagnosed with SADD – seasonal affective depression disorder. I have no reason for it, but I do. We had a solid week of rain which kicked off these symptoms, and I fell off the band wagon. And then I stayed off the band wagon. However, today is a new day, and I’m back to it. I am starting the diet back up. I haven’t been back on the scale, but I’m guesstimating I’m around 195 right now. I don’t dare touch the scale for a few weeks. I am restarting the 17 day diet – but after I finish up the cottage cheese I have in the fridge, I plan on switching my breakfasts to green smoothies. Once I start the green smoothies up, I will share my recipes and thoughts on the smoothies. I’ve been seeing a new personal trainer – that’s another reason why I fell off the band wagon. Both my old personal trainer and my favorite zumba instructor seemingly got fired. I started with a new trainer, and I really like her. The new zumba instructor is lackluster. I plan on trying a different zumba instructor, but I don’t know how the schedule will work out for me. I also started taking a yoga class, and it was quite good! My core is really sore from it, but all in all, I enjoyed it. Today my breakfast and lunch menu is Cottage Cheese for breakfast, teriyaki chicken and tomato slices for lunch. I had a homemade lemonade to drink on my way to work (made with truvia, not sugar) and have water for the rest of the day. I may have to get a soda, if I start dragging too bad, but my goal is also to cut out diet sodas with the exception of maybe one a week. I can do this – my goal? Lose the weight before Halloween. I want to be able to show my stomach by Halloween and not be embarrassed by it. I got this!

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