Monday, May 20, 2013

This morning at my weigh in, I am down 1 pound from my post on Wednesday. Which is great, except on Saturday, I was down 2.4 pounds, so between Saturday and Sunday, I managed to put on 1.4 pounds. Granted, Saturday I wasn’t the best and I knew I wasn’t going to eat the best since we were going to the baseball game, but in the end, I wasn’t that bad. I had 1 hotdog and 1 beer while we were at the game, then afterwards we went to a pizza joint and I did get a personal deep dish pizza. We also split a bucket drink at the table, so the extra alcohol wasn’t good for me. Yesterday, though… I’m disappointed with myself. I hadn’t eaten much yesterday, and my dinner was rather lackluster. I got a salad and it was super watery, and most of the lettuce was the white stems of the iceberg lettuce. Not something I tend to make a habit of eating. In the end, I had only eaten about half my salad. On top of only having cottage cheese, 3 mini cucumbers, and 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter, I knew I was nowhere near where I should be for consuming calories for the day. Instead of making a good choice and picking out a healthy snack, what do I do? Blow it all and get a Whopper from Burger King. I wish I would have done my research before I went. I forgot the Whoppers have 760 calories, which ended up putting me over my calorie limit by 150 calories. So between Saturday, when I didn’t eat that great, and yesterday… I blew my weekend out of the water calorie wise. I’m trying to focus on the bigger picture, though. I am still down 3.6 pounds from when I started the diet last week. And I am on track this week, as well. (With the exception of my lunch. I have tuna fish in vegetable oil instead of in water. Also, tuna fish in oil looks incredibly gross and I’m not 100% certain I will be eating it. I may be buying a salad for lunch today.) And this week will be good. My homework for my class doesn’t look too disastrous, either, so I won’t have that excuse as to why I “can’t” go to the gym. I put it in quotes because I can always go to the gym. I just make excuses as to why I can’t make it to make myself feel better. There, I said it. Now I will hopefully start fixing that behavior! My step count is continuously getting better, though I did learn that weekends are a huge downfall for me. My step counts from the last week are: Sunday: 2234 (dismal) Saturday: 11166 Friday: 11545 Thursday: 10029 Wednesday: 9456 They have been increasing, which is great! Here’s to hoping that my weight will continue to go down and I will get closer to that goal weight. :)

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