Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surprising Success!

Yesterday morning, I got on the scale and weighed in at a disturbing 196.6. I didn't think I had managed to gain near 10 pounds in a few short weeks! I think a large part of that was water weight though, which explains the huge success I had this morning when I got on the scale.

This morning, I weighed in at 194! 2.6 pounds lost overnight. Again, I'm sure that was largely water weight, but weight is weight, and the number went down!

So far I've been doing well on my diet. I haven't cheated, and I'm (mostly) feeling fulfilled. Today I am hungry, but I'm contributing that to the fact I'm bored this afternoon and have a bad tendency to snack when I'm bored. I have, however, been failing on my walking 10,000 steps a day. Monday, I walked 8,250 steps and Tuesday, I walked 8,770 steps. So far today, I am at 5,760 steps. I will be going to the gym later, so hopefully that'll help me get those extra 4,200 steps in for the day. I'm disappointed, but at the same time, I have been increasing the number of steps I've taken, so that's a success as well!!

The third day of the diet is typically the hardest for me. By this point, I start craving carbs, and more importantly, peanut butter. I have a HUGE weakness for peanut butter. I have managed to show a lot of restraint though. Someone brought in home made cookies and I've managed to avoid them every time I've walked past. I'm proud of myself! And I know my weight will have something to show for it tomorrow. I do think it helps that I have Saturday to look forward to. Saturday, we're going to the Orioles game, and I am going to allow myself to eat smartly, but freely. I will allow myself the hot dog, the beer, and the lemonade, as long as I keep it within reason. It's not worth stressing myself over what I can and cannot have in a stadium. I won't allow myself to gourge, but I will have a good time. One meal will not undo all of the hard work I've done. But, I have to keep myself focused to allow myself to have that stadium meal!

Today will be my first day to the gym since I re-started my diet. I'm nervous about it because I do have an appointment with my trainer today, and I haven't consumed enough calories. When I get home, I plan on snacking on a few carrots before I go to the gym, unless if I run out of time. Then I'll just grab some grilled nuggets from Chick Fil-A, and that'll be my pre-workout food. I'm proud of myself, though. I'm pushing myself, and I will get the rest of this weight off! 34 more pounds to go.

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